Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jared reviews The Doctor's Wife!

..without actually having watched it.

So, this is the big thing from Neil Gaiman? The greatest genius since Carbohydatus, the ancient Greek inventor of sliced bread? The TARDIS becomes human in the form of a Helena Bonham-Carter wannabe being all 'weeeehheeee oi'm stark raffing bonkers!!!' at the author's admission, just so she can say "I always took you where you were needed"

Okay, just to back up... Neil Gaiman felt he had to dedicate his entire story to something the fanbase has been pretty well aware of since, say 1967. I mean, I actually haven't read anything by the guy other than a bizarre Cthulu tribute in a comic fantasy collection he wrote, but I keep hearing about how if I'm in the room I'll be crushed under his brain the size of a planet [OR disgusted at his superhuman efforts to molest schoolgirls by one dubious source...] so seems a bit of a letdown.

Apparently this is reason enough for DWC to dedicate fifteen minutes to letting him read out his own stage directions in a stately monotone - he's just THAT bloody good!

I mean, really? Most writers don't even get a mention, but the bloke who wrote Sandman and Good Omens gets this kind of sickening ultra-fellatio treatment? It's nothing against him, but the sycophancy of society today. Say 'Neil Gaiman' to the average person on the street and they will have NO IDEA who you're talking about (especially since we're in Australia) It's similar to 2005. I kept hearing about what a MASSIVE NAME Christopher Eccleston was. Yep. Sure he is. aka that bloke from Cracker. Get real tree huggers!

That was a fascinating argument wasn't it - Paul McGann v Christopher Eccleston for the title of most famous. Cracker versus Hornblower! Whitnail & I versus Elizabeth! Gone in 60 Seconds versus Aliens 3! One of the many things that makes me ponder the cult of celebrity and how many people there are who really, when it comes down to it, care. Outside of the industry and the fringes...

I mean, when it comes down to it, the treatment of Robert Carlyle in SGU by the cast is quite stunning. Yes, he's a great actor... but is he really that massive? Americans seem to either refer to him as 'Begby from Trainspotting' or 'that guy who played Hitler'. They never got the wonders of Hamish McBeth! (Or Gunpowder, Treason and Plot more seriously, which was a mini-masterpiece as far as I'm concerned...)


Carlyle should have been the Ninth Doctor, actually. By virtue of having once stabbed Ecclestone to death...

So anyway, The Doctor's Wife...



Yeah, I decided to go with binary. Arabic's getting old.

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Youth of Australia said...

Um. Well, I liked the Doctor's wife.

I can only assume that since Gaiman is the only writer actually willing to DISCUSS his story, Confidential leapt on him for all he was worth rather than the usual "few noncommital grunts from Moffat and co".

I'm sure you'll like the Jekyll reference if nothing else...