Thursday, March 25, 2010

Green Zone VS America

On Monday night I saw Green Zone. It is an absolutely brilliant film that I think anyone with a strong stomach should see.

Oh, the strong stomach thing isn't because it's gory, but because Paul "Digicam ft. Parkinson's Disease" Greengrass of The Bourne Supremacy fame is the director. Apparently a lot of people stumble of the cinema covered in their own vomit from trying to follow the action in his films, but luckily I don't have this affliction. Plus he's at least stopped wobbling the camera during close-ups in dialogue scenes...

Anyway, I don't know how well this film was been publicised seeing as I don't get commercial TV. It is a VERY tense thriller set a month after the invasion of Iraq in Baghdad following Agent Jason Bourne, er, I mean Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller as he searches for Weapons of Mass Destruction. [SPOILERS] He doesn't find them.

When he takes his superiors to task for the poor intelligence, he brings himself to the attention of a sinister CIA agent codenamed Mad Eye Moody who chats with Miller - he reveals he already knows the next target his team is 'hitting' in Al Mansour is bogus, and gives Miller his card. As in all good thrillers, this sets off a chain of events that ends with about 200 guys dead. I don't really want to reveal much more, other than the thriller storyline is unusually plausible thanks to the fact that half the characters in the film are modelled on real people in the Iraqi conflict and it ties in neatly with actual events.

What has been fascinating to me has been my innocent frequenting of the IMDb, the internet's own bubbling cauldron of hate. Guess what - it turns out that the Iraqi war is something of a contentious issue over there!

Also, it looks like a lot of people have kept this all repressed for years, as the release of this film has attracted a lot of vitriol - it is 'unAmerican', it is 'treacherous slander', it is 'propaganda', people who see this film 'should be ashamed of themselves'. The IMDb has actually collapsed into itself on this film to the point where it's a rare occurrence to see the film proper being discussed... let's have a look at the subject headings..

Did US use DU radiation weapons on afghanistan? Afghan censors say yes
The most right wing people on this board are not American
Judith Miller of her WMD sources was John Bolton
a british soldier speaks out on 'why are we in afghanistan'
George W Bush = hero of the 21st century
OT-Ryan Phillippe's brother...kidnapped?
Islam is the Light

And my personal favourite : 'Neocon' is a liberal code word for Jew so just come out and say it!

Okay, neocon = Jew, happy?

If I can highlight two particular threads, from opposite ends of the spectrum (and I CAN, alright, because this is my blog!) they would be one orbiting Jupiter courtesy of a 'fair and balanced' individual calling himself OriginalBigWhite - a name that is possibly slander to we of the Caucasian genus - and another that is sensible and, to me, strangely touching.

First unto madness!

This Post will Ruin Any Beliefs in 'Lying about WMDs' and Conspiracies..

This is very simple and yet it will crumple all ideas about 'lying governments' and in reality as well as making the plot of Green Zone now suddenly seem ridiculous.

IF the US and/or UK governments were creating 'lies' about WMD's (and so many believe they did) and were creating a big 'cover-story' all to get oil then ask yourself this:

The EASIEST part of this entire scam would be to simply plant a handful of nuclear parts, a few jars of chemical weapons and a few long-range missiles in a bunker.
Within 20 minutes a White House Spokesman announces they absolutely found WMDs and as here are the pictures and even a couple of papers showing some plans.

Hell, a few photos of triumphant Generals holding up the seized WMDs would look amazing!
The easiest damn part of this for any liars, schemers and conspiring governments would be planting a couple WMDs in an Iraq bunker and even the French would be apologizing!
The US population would be touting Bush Jr as a genius who saved the world and Republicans would run the USA to this day.

Do you realize how stupid it sounds to believe that years of planning and some of the most complex 'lies' were hatched,
the same people did NOT pull off the easiest little lie and scheme to wrap this all up in their favour?
Very dumb.
in fact - now that you think of this - the entire plot of Green Zone and real-life accusations of 'lying' become so ridiculous you won't be able to take it seriously again.

Oh and yes.. you're welcome.

What on Earth could I have to say in response to this awe-inspiring theory from left field that looks so wrong, but feels so right? Well, I did point out the obvious flaws concerning slight difficulties in moving truckloads of biochemical weaponry and hiding them in currently-occupied sites of the enemy in the middle of a highly-volatile warzone WITHOUT the world's media or your own vast surveillance network noticing and then further complications with the fact that any inspectors would be able to determine the weaponry was actually manufactured in your own country, the destroyer captain who may remember the cargo of two hundred nerve-gas warheads he was carrying before rubbing his chin thoughtfully, and the sheer NUMBER of people you'd need to be involved into this conspiracy. The response was as wonderfully balanced as you would expect..

If you believe a whole series of agents, Bush, Blair and what would require at least dozens of top-level official created a plan to 'lie about WMDS' and this included all kinds of 'evidence',
Why in the world would you suddenly become incredulous about a couple of top-level CIA guys planting WMD's in Iraq?
That would be the LEAST difficult thing to do compared to all these other complex international lies.

Heck.. just ONE single CIA agent could carry some fake 'Nuclear plans' and a handful of nuclear bomb parts and leave those in a desk to be found and in 20 minutes US media would be blasting the news "SADDAM NUKES STOPPED!!!"

The idea of Saddam making his own miniature nuclear device at his desk like a boy with model aeroplanes really does appeal, and earns him my coveted-but-actually-non-existent NUTJOB OF THE WEEK TROPHY.

And the other thread...

Most realistic war movie I have seen

OP: Now I am not saying I believe the story and this isn't a post for that crap. All I am saying is that the wartime scenes themselves and the way everyone talked to each other was flawless. They really did their research. That is exactly how it was in Iraq in 2003. They got it perfectly. The briefings, the raids, the way the sodliers talked, that was as real as it gets. This was maybe the most realistic war movie I have seen.

ANOTHER GUY: I know words are inadequate, but I want to thank you for your post, OP, and much more importantly for your service. I hope that you came back well and whole and wish you all the best.

It might interest you to know that all the guys in Matt Damon's team except one were soldiers back from either Iraq or Afghanistan. Several were expecting to be redeployed. He said he leaned on them constantly for accuracy. He said it would have taken weeks to train and rehearse actors how to 'hit the house' in that scene. With the professional soldiers there, they just talked it through and did it.

COMPLETE PRICK: service? in Iraq? How did that serve anynone other than ther neocons and israel?

OP: You are a moron. It is not about political views or religious views, it is about doing something in life. I chose to serve my country. We may not live in a perfect world, but it is our world none-the-less. Many of my fellow troops don't agree with the war, agree with the war, hate Bush, Love Bush, Hate Obama, Love Obama, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we chose to fight for our country. I was in before 09/11. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to do something and not just sit at home and complain about things. I do what is asked of me in service to the people of the greatest country on Earth. I do what I do so some douchebag like yourself can sit behind his computer and rant on and on about nothing. Laugh and take some made up higher ground. It doesn't matter to me. I am proud of the services I have done. My wife and children look up to me and that is all that matters. To them I am a hero and that is all I ever wanted to be to my family was a man that they can be proud of.

I do love an eloquent smackdown, and it hihglighted for me the aspect that gets lost - the soliders are people who suffer from disasters like this, and can become pariahs thanks to dirty politics thanks to the way they are used as tools for dirty work. The army may function like a machine, but that doesn't make a soldier any less human, and it is something those of us in the we-hate-everything corner of the left which I fairly often occupy really should not forget.


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