Thursday, August 27, 2009

So... that Ben Chatham game..

It's coming on, but quite slowly. Not in the grand scheme of things, but in the standards of games that are made in a month and aren't terribly good. I say 'made in a month' and that was the original intention solely so that it could be entered in a monthly contest - it could end up later than that. Especially since it turns out the deadline wasn't actually the end of the month as I originally planned for, and the game thus won't go in the actual contest.

I'm hoping I do make it by the 31st though, because the more I look at it, the plot of the game is quite poorly thought out and I don't really have anyone to blame aside from myself and my decision to write it all during train trips and not thinking things through. Also I've worked out cheap ways around animation (the old 'explanatory text' gambit, along with a lot of characters who just stand around) The end result being a very Chatham-quality product, the only real excuse I can have being that I threw it together in a short time whilst also studying, falling in and out of illness and staying up ridiculously late nights for some extra sporting frustration.

What I'm getting at is, as with most things I create, I'm worried it will be terrible and not worth the effort. But, as has already been established the connection with Chatham is a handy get-out-free clause, though one I'm hoping not to have to rely on. Must write some funnier material...

And, to pad out this entry, a sample of the actual writing I've banged on about - in the simple form of the prologue text:

When the horrible truth of the foreign dangers Earth faced were uncovered, governments around the world knew action had to be taken. Covert organisations were drafted from the best and brightest of the world and given unassuming titles - the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, Torchwood, the British Rocket Group, Projekt Valkyrie, Delta Red and Asio 2.0 They operated in grave secrecy and gave their all to ensure Earth's safety, facing incredible odds and no recognition for their triumphs. They are the true heroes of the modern age.

Meanwhile, a drunken unemployed archaeologist named Ben Chatham, who happens to have faced more abductions than any other man on Earth, is dispatched by the government in 'Operation: Delta'. Their mission? They don't have one - they're just an MP's money laundering front that claims to fight alien invaders.

However, not everybody realises this. What follows is the story of how Ben Chatham defied the odds to follow their mission through to the bitter end, with only the bare minimum of illicit encouragements.

I need to try and set it up a little for people who don't know who Ben is, you see, and I can't just put a link to his Wikipedia page in the game...