Saturday, July 18, 2009


It just occurred to me that I haven't made any message about what a shame it is that Outpost Gallifrey (operating as it is under the name Doctor Who Forum now, so as to make it more accessible to semi-literate scum who just want to cause trouble) will be closing. Or has closed. Not sure, for the same reason I haven't made a post - the site has sucked for a year at the least, but I really shouldn't let that override all the good times that have been there in general.

Until Sparacus took it over entirely, the Mythmakers was a great, relaxing place to wile away an afternoon (though I never got to experience it truly pre-infection, which was a real shame) with like-minded people, and also to mock the complete literary ineptitude of a certain Colchesterian schoolteacher.

The Classic Series brought on some very interesting discussion, the type of stuff you only get when something has been talked about for 30+ years, and all the obvious things have been canvassed. No doubt there was wankery involved here heavily - elevating Brain of Morbius to the level of literature based on some supposed recurring 'motifs' and describing it's bewildering climax of 'the Doctor and a man in a suit made from doormats stare at old publicity photos' as 'the finest conclusion in classic series history' can only be described as SAYWHAT??? But at the least I managed to convert people to my way of thinking by explaining why the ending of Claws of Axos made perfect sense, and their retardation was the sole reason they thought otherwise.

The Leisure Hive... well I barely ever went there unless Spara posted something 'adult', but when I was still in the tail-end of high school it provided an area to round off my sex education completely by many good dissertations on the mating habits of gay men. If I ever make that fatal conversion I'll know which public toilets to frequent and a healthy amount of glory-hole etiquette.

Enlightenment, before the intelligent people ditched the forum like rats leaving a sinking ship, was terrific at its best. There were some fascinating games to be played, my favourite being re-writing a section of the novelisation in the style of another author. (The only problem being that there are only so many famous authors, and even then only so many who have a distinctive style - if I was try Kathy Reichs doing The Daemons for example, the joke would simply be that the writing is agonisingly inept with shithouse dialogue, which could be any number of best-selling authors) The fascinating aspect of this sub-forum was the small details of the story that would get pored over.

Characters and Actors was generally dull, though it did provide the ocassional thread full of as-good-as-porn-to-us photographs of Nicola, Lalla and Katy so it needs some props.

The Life Outside of Doctor Who section, which I think was called The Space-Time Vortex or something, was good fun as well. If ever I had a specific question in an odd little field that I couldn't answer then there was a good place to go, and it was great for saving me from registering on other, specific forums.

The General Discussion and New Series sections had a couple of good years before becoming the site's festering, gangrenous sphincter so I should give them that much.

It just occurred to me that for a site that gave me a lot of friends and brought me in to contact with people like Jon Blum, Nev Fountain, Alan Stevens (I don't hold it against them), David A. McIntee, Gary Russell (short temper, whew!), Conrad Westmaas, and so many others, I haven't paid proper respects for it's passing. In a world where the line drawn between 'television' and 'reality' is meant to be so strong, it's surreal to remember getting a PM from the bloke who wrote Dead Ringers apologising for spoiling the end of Doomsday (must... resist... cheap-shot against episode..) and the humbling possibility that some of my caustic remarks could have brought Murray Gold to tears or made Noel Clarke swear to kill all Doctor Who fans with his bare hands. (It's unlikely, though - I didn't say that much about them... also I NEVER threatened to rape Helen Raynor in a dark alley... damn, why did that come across as a suspiciously specific denial? Seriously, I didn't.)

Shout out to:

Colin 'Doc Filth' Hicks
Miles 'Man Miles' Reid
Cameron J. 'Cameron J. Mason', 'I am a published author' Mason
The Secretive Bus
TheRani (err..I think)
Howard Weinstein
Andy Frankham
Andrew 'Wilf' Phillips
Bernie Fishnotes (who apparently found that weird obituary thing I wrote on Google and was confused the fuck out. Understandable, mate)
Joshua 'Lemon Bloody Cola', 'Joshua Wynne is a cunt' Wynne
Mark 'Sparacus' 'Whovianologist' 'A writer' Goacher
Ewen 'Youth of Australia', ' The Big N' , 'Fugitoid', 'Man Miles', 'Notyoa', 'I have been banned for life six times from this site' Campion-Clarke

And others, I am sure, whose names are not leaping to me right at the moment. You were all.. pretty cool. Yes, even Sparacus had his moments.

I'd be lying if I said I'll miss the place, but I'll continue missing the community that it used to be at a time when I was wallowing in a very deep depression and needed everything there was to help me get through it. RIP.


Youth of Australia said...

Beautiful and touching, sah.

BTW, GallifreyBase has taken over the official regeneration of OG, which is why everyone has gone there. It's far from OG in its heyday, but it's a lot less full of hateful bastard spite (the unremitting grimness of the latest Torchwood series has left such jerks sated and spent). The Mythmakers (or Land of Fiction as they call it) is full of non-Spara stuff - though of course the BC thread is jammed at the top like a broken pressure gauge, as is traditional.

Just the other day I found a photo of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan having their picture taken with a fan. It's not exactly easy to describe, but it sums up the easy-going mellow vibe that has made GB very distinct for its predecessor.

In fact, I've made peace with Lunarsea and MLock... well, maybe not MLock... but you'll be amazed that Spara's latest chav jihad made even LBC disown him.

It's a nice place, basically.

Cameron Mason said...

Cameron J. 'Cameron J. Mason', 'I am a published author' Mason


I only play the 'published author' card when Sparacus needs reigning in, same as my 'double degree' card.

Anyway, everyone will soon find out the sordid details as to how I became a published author...


Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Sure you don't want to rephrase that a little, Cam? Because right now I'm getting a 'sexual favours to Gary Russell' vibe..

Cameron Mason said...

Sure you don't want to rephrase that a little, Cam? Because right now I'm getting a 'sexual favours to Gary Russell' vibe..



I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.


In all seriousness, the long awaited Bernice Summerfield: The Inside Story is finally being published in August.

That will have all the details in it.