Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IMDB: For all your pointless Troll-Fight needs...

For some reason I went to the boards for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and made a post. Here's what happened next:

(WARNING: Contains spoilers that everybody ruined right after the book came out years ago... so doesn't really have spoilers. Unless you've forgotten them.)


Haven't read the book, thought it was brilliant

Surprised by the negativity, because I was blown away by this film on the weekend, as it seemed to be the only one that focused on working just as a movie (albeit one you need lots of prior knowledge to follow) I stopped reading the series with Phoenix because I found the plot was getting muddled and uninspiring, and also didn't watch the movie due to not liking the book and the fact Goblet turned out as such an incoherent movie. I let myself be dragged along, though, and was really impressed by how much sense it all made.

The only 'WTF' thing for me was (spoiler, but who hasn't seen it, really?) -

"That's right, Potter... I am the Half-Blood Prince!"

I don't know, I think the fact that you just killed Dumbledore trumps that a little.


Let me guess, you're an American.


Let me tell you, you're wrong.


he thinks snape killing dumbledore means that he isn't the half-blood Prince, and I doubt anybody who isn't american could honestly be that stupid

do u even know why he's called that????

britain kicks america's arse


..I see. It is perhaps prudent at this point to explain the meaning of the word 'trump' - which generally means 'render insignificant through virtue of comparison'. Not 'therefore this is not so'.


"I don't know, I think the fact that you just killed Dumbledore trumps that a little. "

Would not mean 'Clearly you have killed a man thus this cannot be the case' as you read it, but rather 'I am currently horrified you have killed my surrogate father figure, so the fact I was carrying your textbook is not of much interest to me, sir'.

Please expand your vocabulary to avoid such future misunderstandings.


yeah its only 99% of them that are inbred hicks lol every time there's a britain vs usa debate the yanks get gunned down as usual lol i love stirring the monkey cage and watching americans jump around throwing *beep* everywhere hahahahaha
LOL at this yank

how come you americans arrived in world war 2 so late?? is it because all of your troops were on Segways and the batteries ran out?

loool fail more


The Americans entered the war late because they had heavily disbanded their military in the aftermath of WWI, and were hedging their bets to various degrees - something rarely acknowledged today is that the nation was quite right-wing at the time and that there was a sizeable proportion of the population that supported facism in general and, by extension, Adolf Hitler. The war also seemed to be contained largely to the European continent and the nation as a whole did not have particularly close ties to Great Britain at the time.

All indications are that America would have joined the Allied Forces by the beginning of 1942 at the latest from various records of diplomatic talks with the UK, but the matter was forced by America's primary concern with the growing unrest in the Pacific from the new regime in Japan - particularly with the December assault on the Florida naval base at Pearl Harbour which took place before an official declaration of war, reputedly due to communication troubles.

The explanation you offered is unlikely. Segways cannot travel over water.


thanks for copying straight from wikipedia and trying to pass it off as your own good job

and why does america try and take all the credit for world war 2 and pretend they saved everybody else?? because they're arrogant morons thats why

britain > usa go eat another cheeseburger


Enter it into Google. See what comes up. Marvel at my ability to create complicated sequences of linguistic articles using my own brain and the power of memory.

The Americans are overly proud of their own work in WWII due to the excessive numbers and cost that went into it. Historically evidence is that their strategy, tactics and morale were significantly lower than those of other nations in the field, but many units did distinguish themselves. The large resources that they possessed also meant that other countries made diplomatic efforts to groom their ego, so their war effort was inflated in the media, unfortunate mistakes ignored. Furthermore, because of the British tendency to extreme secrecy in military matters, many details of their war effort have only recently come to light, too late to enter the popular consciousness, partiuclarly the key role in ensuring that the famous Normandy beach landings were undetected by German intelligence and that Panzer divisions were not called in.

Usually I'd agree that Great Britain is superior, but somehow I've recently come to the conclusion that they lack somewhat in terms of humility.

I'm Australian, by the way. It's amazing how many countries there are that speak English, isn't there?


australian eh so you're the descendant of murderers and rapists?? lol you should've just stuck with being called a yank instead

our queen kicks your australian prime minister's arse

why do u think its called gr8 britian because we own everyone and we're not in trillions of dollars of debt like the yanks :D :D


Actually murder and rape was punishable by death at the time, manslaughter was the worst criminal offense punishable by exile. The first man sentenced to exile in Australia had stolen an encyclopedia and three pickles, which was indicative of the misdemeanours most had actually performed.


lol mad dog either way australians = convicts and rapists who were sent to a *beep* island to die

the end result = people like you who can't even read harry potter books without getting confused

and as for americans, everybody watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SawqX45frdU



[quote]lol mad dog either way australians = convicts and rapists who were sent to a *beep* island to die [/quote]

Wrong on every count, as I have already explained.

[quote]the end result = people like you who can't even read harry potter books without getting confused[/quote]

Actually the end result of a bunch of male rapists being sent to an island to die would be... nothing. (Propagation of mammals needs a male and a female and habitable conditions, you see) Rather than a first-world society with an economy that's avoided recession during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Also - I didn't actually read the book. As I mentioned in the post. And in the subject title. Which is on top of your last message. And I wasn't confused. That was you. Because you didn't know the meaning of the word 'trump'.

I've been 'arguing' with you for a little while and I've come to the conclusion that you aren't very good at it.

Utterly pointless, but I pride myself for my stoop-free debating style. My approach of trying to fight ignorance with knowledge is one doomed from the start, I know. It also bears special notice for the fact that I've never seen an online convo go SO off topic so quickly.


Youth of Australia said...

Wow. Brilliant Sparacus impression, I must say. Not that you're acting bowel-shattering insane, but the complete refusal to descend into any kind of emotional relationship in the argument, with the precise word-for-word rebuttals and anodyne manner.

I could never do that convincingly. Plus it's a lot more fun to emotionally demolish the opposition. I'm a touch sadistic in that department, ain't that right, Pizza Supreme?


Hah! I laugh at your suffering, I really do. Abase yourself, you grovelling insect! On second thoughts, don't. It's just creepy.

Miles Reid said...

I apologise for my fellow countrymen.

-Miles Reid, the Englishman who spends his time wishing he was American, hanging out with Americans and having sex with an attractive American girl.

Youth of Australia said...

A man caught between two worlds.

And he's got the best of both of them.

Lucky sod.