Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm not going to die!

Well, I thouhgt it was cause for celebration. I managed to give myself a minor concussion on the train this morning by slamming my head, really, really really hard into those fucking annoying doorframes at the stairs that seem to be built in hobbit scale. I was checking my scalp for blood afterwards and it was a rough walk to TAFE. And I was barely up to doing anything while I was there. Especially including the essay I had planned to finish that morning. Daaamn.

Anyway, one of my classmates told me that if I went to sleep, pretty much, I would die. It turns out this is not the case amazingly. At least according to Wikipedia. If I should die before I wake, then sue their arses!

Other cheery news is that I can only really expect this splitting headache to last for a week at most! Yay. I've only got three assessments due in that time...

Shortly after I sat down at my computer tonight I started writing this, which I suspect is essentially another symptom:

Once your milkshake has brought all the boys to the yard, do you
a) Bring your London London bridge down
b) Proclaim that this shit is bananas
c) Hit me, baby, one more time
d) Blow up the pokies

I know you like to think yo shit don' stank, but a lean a little bit closer, girl roses really smell like
a) Teen spirit
b) The scatman
c) The fool on the hill
d) The day we caught the train

If I like big butts (for the purposes of this exercise, I do not lie) what will the other people in the vicinity be unable to deny
a) I'm not sick but I'm not well
b) These times, they are a changing
c) I am the walrus
d) Jenny was a friend of mine

Hey, you really got me going, you got me so much that I can't
a) Catch my disease
b) Let forever be
c) Jizz in my pants
d) Spybreak!

I am in possession of all the small things depicted in figure A. (a) Assuming that truth care = truth bring, when I take one look at x, you will be
a) Fucking in Heaven
b) Free fallin'
c) Forever young
d) Over the hills and far away

Even in my injur-addled state I don't find it amusing, but it was a whole ten minutes' work of semi-coherency I didn't want wasted.

Anyway, while I'm posting this there is some cause for celebration not relating to myself and my ever-persistent state of existence. In shocking news both Scrubs and Dollhouse have been renewed for a new season!

Dollhouse is actually not surprising to me, but should be to the rest of the internet, as it seems everyone was assuming that it was being cancelled or had been already. I don't know if there was any substance to this other than the involvement of Joss Whedon, Tim Minear and FOX; but to an extent the cancellation rumours had substance. As has been noted, Dollhouse is now seriously the lowest-rating ever show to be renewed.

..that is ignoring the fact that on Hulu, DVD, iTunes, DVr etc figures it actually had the best figures of the season. And also that the endless rumours of its cancellation were slightly odd given that at the same time statements were being issued by Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon, Tim Minear and FOX themselves that the show wasn't being cancelled. Even in spite of this, immediately after episode 12 of DH, I heard at TAFE the NEW new rumour, that the show was 'in hiatus'. That is, not cancelled, not renewed. A terrifying purgatory! OOHHH, how shall it survive? Nevermind that this happens to most shows after they've ended their season.

The show's being moved to a Fall air-date and will be 13 episodes again.... Autumn here, but 'Fall' over there because they're clumsy people and are looking for astral movements to blame. Not really getting the TV industry I have NO IDEA if this means anything at all other than the fact that Whedon has less time to prepare a new season... which has led to more naysaying that we're going to get a 'crappy rushed season'. Ignoring sapient facts (as is necessary in the internet game) that slightly less time for 13 episodes vs. slightly more time for 22 episodes probably amounts to the same time of work per episode. Besides the fact that Whedon doesn't go to the bathroom without a 'five year plan' and that he won't be hurriedly scrawling 'Eliza takes off her clothes and looks mysterious here' on a napkin at dinner before deadline day.

Anyway, Scrubs is far more impressive to me. The official line for the whole year was that ABC wanted more than one season after buying it off NBC at the end of the last year, with aims to develop it into an ER-style on-going franchise. At the same time, rumours circulated that Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes, and Neil Flynne would all be leaving the series (depending on the article, no single story said that they would ALL leave) which would have been massively ironic if true, because that would mean Kelso would be the only character to stay on, despite actually have retired from the hospital.

Now the truth is out - Dr Turk, Dr Cox, and The Janitor are staying on. And JD and Elliot will be in six episodes (together or each, I don't know...) Presumably the show will change to focus on the loveable new interns who took up roughly half the screentime this season, because that makes so much sense that if they DON'T do that I will hunt Bill Lawrence down and strangle him. (Oh, yeah, he's staying on too.. as the writer guy... though maybe his gratuitous cameo-roles as Creepy Justice of the Peace and Janitor #2 will be on-going, who knows?)

What makes this really amazing? I saw the Scrubs finale and it made me tear up a little. Despite not having seen all the show it was, in two parts, a celebration of the goofy humour of the show, and a beatiful homage to the more dramatic side. No spoilers, but JD leaves Sacred Heart and we see that he's going to be okay. There's a great farewell scene with each individual character (the sweetest farewells tying ironically between Drs Cox and Kelso, who were assholes to JD over almost his entire career) and they even have a medical subplot that doesn't intrude on the story, which is good to fill out the impressive 42-minute run time. The only self-indulgence is the credit sequence made up of behind-the-scenes footage.

In a nutshell, Bill Lawrence made what to me is the Gauda Prime, final final FINAL, ending for sitcoms.... and the show isn't over yet. That's like bringing back Sharpe after he was witnessed shooting a superior officer and vanished into the gunsmoke of Waterloo... oh, wait...

The golden rule of TV is not to let a good thing die, I guess. So may TV watch over me. (Ha! I turned it around thematically in an egotistical manner! Hahaha... oh how the skull hurts...)