Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Some 'Artwork'

I have been questioning a lot of stuff lately, such as why my wonderful hair seems to be vanishing into my scalp and also the point of blogging, given that it seems like 99% of blogs specialise in 100 word max posts that all link to YouTube. Mostly I think it's Depression #45688a, but from my experience I think it's on the ebb right now and I could be coming out of it. Maybe I'll even be able to finish what would amount to one page and fucking FINISH my script for Mycroft.

In the meantime, I found out incredibly how to work our weird-arse scanner and actually have some alleged artwork to show off. Inspired by Shadowrun, something I mentioned in an earlier post and can't even be arsed to find the link to, I drew this when given a blank piece of paper by mistake on my second day of TAFE this year. Why has it taken so long to post it? See above.

[********TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES************]

Oh, wait. Photobucket's refusing to let me upload it. Ah, well, there goes the ENTIRE FRIGGING POINT of this post. I guess I'll just have to post a gag picture I thought was under-appreciated at it's time.


After drawing this (the one that you can't see, not the Dick Assman thing..) I got thinking about how cool it would be to do a comic book. But... erm, nothing but a lot of ideas have come out of this. The idea probably most worth mentioning is one that came direct from Watchmen, a half tongue-in-cheek, half-serious AUSTRALIAN version of the story set in a cyberpunk version of the modern day called.... wait for it... Butchmen. Yeah I know.

Further retardation followed with creating counterparts to the Watchmen that were obvious parallels in terms of personality and behaviour AND ALSO based on notable Australians...

Rorschach / Mark Latham / 'Dead Head' (basically wearing the Reckless Kelly outfit)

Nite Owl / Michael Hussey / 'Mr Cricket' (Test uniform with traditional eye mask that hides nothing, coloured green. His power is... bashing dudes with a cricket bat..)

Silk Spectre / Julia Gillard / 'Little Red Riding Hood' (Yeah, and she fights with a hammer and a sickle. I AM ashamed, trust me..)

Ozymandias / Ian Thorpe / 'The Torpedo' (If you can imagine the bastard combination of Thorpie's swimwear and a black-coloured Ice Warrior outfit...)

Dr Manhattan / Mick Dobson / 'The Dreamer' (Actually nothing like Manhattan at all, just filling that character slot...)

Then because once I started thinking of goofy superheroes I really COULDN'T STOP I have more that make no sense, even to ME. Yes, why not Tony Martin in power armour in a Confederate uniform in a balaclava using SUPER SONIC weaponry and calling himself 'Rebel Yell'? Yes, why not make superhero versions of the entire Australian cricket team of the Ashes series in 2007, and then proceed to work out a complex backstory where cricket has been declared illegal by the state so the world of cricket and underground vigilantism is extensively linked? Yes, why not make Krystal Forscutt one of the cast, just because you think a brunette with big tits in an outfit made of crystal would look cool?

Down this road madness lies, I'm sure of it.

Anyway, here's something else I drew ages ago, in my bid to get good at drawing adventure game backgrounds. For my trouble some prick told me that it looked like it was drawn by 'shaky-handed grandfather' and that I was a moron for using so much white in the picture because it pulls focus. Actually, I think that may be part of the reason why I haven't posted much artwork anywhere.

This may be a double post, but I am actually quite proud of it. Because it was done entirely in MSPaint, which isn't really acknowledged as the most user-friendly graphics program around...

Anyway, getting those two pictures onto this blog, on dial-up has been exhausting and quit unrewarding.

Probably ANOTHER reason I don't post artwork...


Youth of Australia said...




Very nice.

I just upload photos off my harddrive.


Bernard Cribbens returns as Wilf as proper, in-the-title-sequence companion! RTD screams it across youtube!

Jared Hansen said...

Yeah, well, that doesn't work for me. Click on this link - it fucked up my second picture:

Youth of Australia said...

Ah right. Much better. I like the tear in the tent where you can see the sky.

Youth of Australia said...

Oh, BTW, I did Brotherhood of the Daleks the other day and it's here.

I've got to be the Easter Bunny tomorrow. Life sucks.

Jared Hansen said...

Hold up.. you're the Easter Bunny AND Santa Claus?

When are you playing Jesus?

Youth of Australia said...

When I can grow a beard, heal the sick and am any good at woodwork.