Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Daylight savings... is over. And I didn't even know we were in it. This sucks for several reasons.

Firstly: sun in the morning. Erm, so what? What will I do with that? I'm in bed in the frigging morning.

Secondly: having to adjust to times being retarded. It never works. Ever. The technique I always try is to go to sleep at the same time you always do, by the actual clock. And then, ideally, your internal clock should sleep for the right number of hours and wake up at the new 7:30 so you can get to TAFE on time. (To use a purely hypothetical example)

But this technique, though it's less crap than the other choices, doesn't work. I wake up at 7:30, as I always do. BUT THE ACTUAL 7:30!!!

The most annoying thing is that all the problems related to Daylight Savings are caused by the sheer irrationality of our behaviour. Spend half the year on one clock, and then switch for sketchily defined reasons. Why? Why couldn't the clocks just be put forward once and leave it at that?

Oh, by all means give me the lame-ass reasons related to people living in the country. You know, getting up too early to milk the cows in the country. The response is obvious: why cater to morons in the country? Yes, I live in the country, but I'm not a moron. Because I know that cows don't have clocks, so you can just milk them at the usual time and ignore the fucking clock. WOW! IS THAT RADICAL THINKING OR WHAT?!?

Face it - we don't do anything with that light in the morning: it's nothing but squandered and wasted. Let's put the clocks back and keep them there. You know it makes sense. I'm Sam Kekovic Jared Hansen.


Youth of Australia said...

Yes, thank you, Peter.

It always annoys me that the puritantical prats that run this country seem to think that the chronological calender laid down by our ancestors is not good enough because some lazy bastards want McDonalds Happy Hour to suit THEIR irregular sleeping patterns. The current state of time is the accurate one and it's pathetically simple to discover: at midday, the sunlight changes from morning to afternoon. Before, you had to wait till one oclock to see this curious phenomenon - WHICH DEFEATS THE FUCKING POINT OF THERE BEING A MIDDAY! Also, call centre workers are effectively arriving an hour early and unable to ring up other states who are sensible sleeping in. That's right, tree huggers, the way things are is the way they should stay and the sooner the wishy-washy left-liberal-homosexuals wake up and realize this enema of logic, the sooner we can drag our society out of the gutter. In the mean time you'll find me enjoying a nice sleep in and an early night... here at the ABfriggenC.

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

Wow. Is that genuine vintage Pinion? There's certaintly nothing to suggest otherwise...

Hmmm, Slammin' Sam VS Dexter Pinion... pity nobody cottoned onto that, really, it would have been classic television...

Youth of Australia said...

All it needs is Ray Martin and a wild pig, it'd be a classic.