Sunday, February 4, 2007

A Sockful of Miscellany

* I can rest easy now that Ewen Campion Clarke has explained the plot of Traitor in mind-numbingly intricate detail.

* SHOCK LEGAL VICTORY FOR PARIS HILTON -!!!!... not really. The people on the website are banned from giving people her social security number and stuff like that. Which I guess makes sense. If I was a judge I'd probably say "Yeeeeeah, going a bit far there, mate..."

* I am instituting a complete ban on acronyms on this website, especially from myself.

* Russell Crowe is making a film where he plays the Sherriff of Nottingham... as the good guy. I think this is enough of a joke in itself so I'll just leave it out there.

* I've already broken a new-month resolution by agreeing to right a couple of short scripts for the 2nd and 6th Doctors on MythMakers. On the bright side I finished Prince of Persia a couple of days ago. HINT: The final 'boss' is complete bollocks. Just whack him with a sword for ages.

*That thing about acronyms was a joke, and a homage to my favourite complete nutter.

* Ignore the bad reviews and rating, the 6th Doctor MA Time of Your Life is brilliant

* I'd recommend everything on this site. For a laugh or for a scare, it's all there. Hehe, that rhymes.

*There should be another music video review soon... the problem is there's too much choice of awful clips out there. My Chemical Romance, Wolfmother, Missy Elliot, AKON.... too close to call...

* I start TAFE tomorrow. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

*I've lost my flash-drive


Youth of Australia said...

1) Thanks. I appreciate that.


2) Uh huh. Well, Charley'd be up for it.


4) Tony Robinson beat him to it.

5) Cool.

6) One of the posters there, Olivia Newton John, sent spam to my blog. I now dested ONJ with evangelical passion.

7) I coulda told you that, I read it a month ago. A painfully good recreation of the Sixth Doctor era. The one I can't stand for its randomness. Oh, Angela. I weep.

8) Okaaaaaaaaaay.

9) Kewl.

10) I have to go to work tomorrow.

11) Lost as in 'knew I put it somewhere lost' or lost as in 'data corrupted never to return lost' or 'abandoned on a desert island that might not exist lost'?

Jared "No Nickname" Hansen said...

"Tony Robinson beat him to it."

Hehe. If only Russ would be using the same script...

"11) Lost as in 'knew I put it somewhere lost' or lost as in 'data corrupted never to return lost' or 'abandoned on a desert island that might not exist lost'?"

Well, I guess the first one. The problem being that it could be in three completely different places...

Youth of Australia said...

Well, a whole disc of my irreplaceable scripts is corrupted and gone. I regularly firebomb orphanages now. It doesn't take away all the pain, but it helps.