Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Just a quick thing before I go to bed... isn't the net a crazy thing? To see if anyone was talking about the biggest fanfic sensation of this century, my very own "ATTACK OF THE CYBERMEN" I did that weird thing that every nerd does when bored - put an improbable exact phrase into google and see if it gets results. In this case, the common little phrase "If *I* had written Attack of the Cybermen"

I must admit, I felt there was a pretty good chance I'd get one result. Most likely from this site. But guess what happened? TWO!!! I...SAW TWO!!!! (Hehehe! Obscure reference. Man I'm tired.)

The second match?

And, seriously, this cracks me right up. It's an article about Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, that kick-ass 3D RPG that would never ever EVER run on my system so I just lie in my bed and yearn uncontrollably for it. You might say "But Jared, why would the phrase 'If *I* had written Attack of the Cybermen' in an article like that?" Well, it doesn't. It's of no relevance at all.

BUT, and here's the good bit, the story is that Oblivion is releasing the Beta Patch. And, funnily enough, 'Oblivion', 'Beta', and 'Patch' are all words that show up in the first edition of Attack I posted. To a human being, this would be meaningless as the two stories are so obviously unrelated. But to a search engine? Hah! Words are everything! So Google Ads sees me use those words and PUTS UP A LINK ON THEIR PAGE! Free publicity!

I can only hope that some of the stoned gamers looking to update give a shit about Doctor Who fanfic.

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