Wednesday, February 7, 2007

FUME: A Retraction of an Earlier Statement

I believe I made some statement about "Get This" being the best show on radio. I feel I'm forced to retract this statement and reflect bitterly on how suddenly something good can be turned crap. In this case, it's by some upper management retard deciding that the show, which has a cult following due to the daggy small-talk over pop-culture minutae by the incredibly funny hosts, needs more musics. Specifically, FOUR SONGS in the first twenty minutes.


This is the same station that has "Fifteen songs in a row" running from 9-11. HOW CAN THEY NEED MORE MUSIC? Okay, I understand their top-rating shows have more valuable airtime than the music slot, but anyone with half an understanding of the way these things work should realise that people aren't going to keep listening to the show when everything they like has been carved out and replaced by Gwen fucking Stefani tracks.

Really... this just leaves me incredibly disappointed with society in general and capitilist marketing greed as well, showing that they are, as always, the enemies of comedy.

Tony Martin is the real victim here, trying to be funny in ultra-brief 2 minute spots in between the tracks, but funny-under-pressure and genuine funny are two completely different things. Right now he sounds like the first-timer stand-up sweating underneath the bright lights performing inbetween two sandwiched heavy metal acts at a Broken Hill pub.

I can only hope they soon realise what a terrible idea this whole deranged experiment is. Naturally I've already sent off three highly pissed off emails under different names. Yes, that's right. My Ian Levine impression at work.

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