Wednesday, January 17, 2007

UNUNINAUGURAL POST: I am as confused as Billy Bowder

Apologies, it seems that this blog is indeed in Arial font. I apologise entirely for my comments about the Jewish people in my previous post. I do not object to their world wide conspiracy and acknowledge the fact that the wars they cause bolster universal economy and are a great service to our national pride.

Furthermore, it has come to my attention that the ending I suggested for the denouement of NAS's film clip has been used. It was, of course, used in the final episode of classic British sit-com Steptoe & Son "Steptoes in Spain", when Alfred and Harold found themselves captured in a Spanish fort while it was over-run by a flesh-eating virus that also bred super zombies. I recall it vividly, as it was very funny and guest-starred Penelope Keith who finally did a nude scene.

In addition to these additional details, I have been informed that, in spite of the promises-cum-warnings of my earlier post, Doctor Who has barely been mentioned in 50% of my entire post-quota for the month. So, here's some interesting DW trivia that I'm sure will surprise people:

  • There was a bloke called Tom Baker who played the Doctor. He had a scarf and, in certain stories, additonal items of clothing.
  • There are nine other blokes who played the Doctor. They don't actually have names, like Tom Baker does, but they are referred to as "The Cricket bloke", "The Shouty One", "The Velvet One", "The Leather One", "The Short Funny One", "The Short Unfunny One", "The New One Who I Don't Like", "That Old One", and "Paul who?"

And, to make sure I'm not leaving anyone out of the loop, some little-known trivia about Blakes 7

  • There was a TV show on the BBC called Blakes 7 which ran for 4 years from 1979 and was watched by 12 million viewers on its final episode.

Wow. Who would have thunk it? Good luck with doing what you never do.

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